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Vanessa Galvis

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Calvary El Sunzal

El Salvador

Population: 6,568,745 Location: Central America
Language: Spanish, Nawat
Capital: San Salvador
Religion: Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 36%, other 2%, none 12%
Did you Know?: After eating, it is considered polite to spend at least an hour conversing with your hosts instead of leaving right away.

Prayer Request 1:

Please pray that as I prepare I may focus on the service we will be doing and not on me.

Prayer Request 2:

Please pray that as we are in El Salvador that I may hear and learn what God wants to teach me.

Prayer Request 3:

Please pray that we may go with a mindset to uplift the local missionaries.

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El Salvador

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I love missions whether it is overseas or local. I have had the opportunity to do both and I believe it is a call and a desire that God has placed in my heart. I have not gone on a short-term mission trip in a long time. I have not been at Riverside for a long time but when I got here I inquired about mission trips and I was told that there was a season a while back when they did them. I started praying that this would happen again. When this opportunity came up I was really excited and saw it was my chance to connect with this part of the call that God has placed in my life.
I have never been to El Salvador, so I don't know what to expect, which makes me really excited because it will be a trip of dependance on the Lord. I am looking forward to connecting with other members of Riverside in a different capacity as we grow together and sharpen each other. I am also looking forward to seeing how ministry is done in El Salvador and learning from the locals. I pray that all we plan to do during this week will impact the people we meet and that God transforms our team in the process. Thank you for reading my story.

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