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Step 1:

Intro Questionnaire

Fill out and submit the intro questionnaire. This will give us some basic information to get the process started.  Access the intro questionnaire through the button.

Step 2: Connect

Once we receive and review your intro questionnaire, we will contact your church to establish a working relationship and discuss their involvement in your sending process. Then we will contact you to have a brief introductory interview, answer your questions, and talk about next steps

The Uproot Collective was formed to help churches send and care for missionaries & church planters.  Below we have outlined our process so you will know how to join our global missionary movement. 

Step 3: 

In-depth Questionnaire

We will send the in-depth questionnaire for you to fill out and submit.  You will also have 3 people (1 pastor and 2 personal) fill out and send us reference forms. If you are married, you will each need to complete this step separately.

Step 5: Interview

After your background is cleared, we will contact you for a video interview so we can discuss your in-depth questionnaire and formulate a plan to help you get on the mission field.

Once we have received your in-depth questionnaire, we will review it, perform a background check, and then contact your references.

Step 4: Background

Step 6:

Missionary Agreement

We will sign an missionary agreement between you, the Uproot Collective, and your church so that we all understand our responsibilities and expectations.

Once all of these steps have been successfully completed, you will receive an account number and begin the process of raising funds.

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The Go Process

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