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Calvary El Sunzal

El Salvador

Population: 6,568,745 Location: Central America
Language: Spanish, Nawat
Capital: San Salvador
Religion: Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 36%, other 2%, none 12%
Did you Know?: After eating, it is considered polite to spend at least an hour conversing with your hosts instead of leaving right away.

Prayer Request 1:

Pray that the work doesn't stop there and we can be around to see the fruit.

Prayer Request 2:

Pray that the team will be protected.

Prayer Request 3:

Pray that the name of Jesus has its mark on everything we see and touch.

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El Salvador

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Fund Goal: $ 

Currently at: $




For years, God has allowed me to serve in different capacities, both domestically and internationally. Mostly in prisons and among youth. My last mission trip was to the same place we are going to this year, Calvary El Sunzal in El Salvador. Our Church started to build a relationship there last year with the people in the surrounding area of the church. The truth is our people left feeling so blessed that we want to go back and bring some new people with us.

Going on a mission trip is such an exciting time for me, mainly because I know that I will be completely out of any comfort I typically have but I also know that the blessing to be a part of something that God has started abroad is a spiritual renewal every time. I’ve never been injured on a mission trip before and last year I cut my leg which started a 3-month process, but the truth is I experienced a very small discomfort with what full-time missionaries do and what the Apostles did as they lay the foundation for the Church as we know it today.

Looking forward to serving as we go letting God lead.

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