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Ariel Guzman

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Calvary El Sunzal

El Salvador

Population: 6,568,745 Location: Central America
Language: Spanish, Nawat
Capital: San Salvador
Religion: Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 36%, other 2%, none 12%
Did you Know?: After eating, it is considered polite to spend at least an hour conversing with your hosts instead of leaving right away.

Prayer Request 1:

Pray for me to learn more about God.

Prayer Request 2:

Pray for me to serve the best way I can.

Prayer Request 3:

Pray that one day my mom and dad will serve with me in the mission field.

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El Salvador

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I wanted to go to the RSM Summer Camp to learn more about God and be with my friends, but unfortunately, I am not able to go this year. When my sister Yosmayra shared with my family that she was going to serve in El Salvador again, I told her I wanted to go. Not only did she say yes, my parents said yes but Riverside Church said yes the same day. I am very excited to serve this summer.

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