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Calvary Chapel Cajabamba

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Church History

In May 2013, we laid the foundation of our church in Cajabamba, Peru, starting in the garage of a new believer's home. Our first service saw just five attendees, but since then, the grace of God has abundantly multiplied our congregation. By 2017, the garage could no longer contain the growth, and through divine providence, we secured our own property.

Remarkably, this property once served as a rooster fighting arena, marred by the vices of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. However, through God's redemptive power, it has been transformed into a sanctuary where His Word flows freely to the people of Cajabamba and we have witnessed the transformative power of God in our city.

At the core of our mission is a strong emphasis on outreach. Regularly, we venture into different rural communities, conducting VBS-style programs with elementary schools to spread the teachings of Christ. Collaborating with local authorities, we extend our hands to support women and children escaping abusive environments.

We firmly believe that a profound relationship with Jesus is fundamental for the vitality of a church body. To facilitate spiritual growth, we offer a variety of Bible studies and classes throughout the week, catering to all age groups.

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Population: 32,440,172
Location: South America
Language: Spanish (official) 82.9%, Quechua (official) 13.6%, Aymara (official) 1.6%, Ashaninka 0.3%, other native languages (includes minor Amazonian languages) 0.8%, other 0.2%, none 0.1%, unspecified 0.7%
Capital: Lima
Religion: Roman Catholic 60%, Christian 14.6% (includes Evangelical 11.1%, other 3.5%), other 0.3%, none 4%, unspecified 21.1% Did you Know?: Peru is the birthplace of the potato, and it boasts incredible diversity in potato varieties. There are over 4,000 different types of potatoes grown in the country.


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