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Reaching the unreached

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Their Story

In early 2021, Reuben and Makayla embarked on their journey together, both deeply aware of the divine calling to become full-time missionaries, destined to reach unreached communities in challenging locations. Their commitment to this mission led them to marriage in 2022, and they embraced this shared purpose wholeheartedly.

Their path took them to the remote West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, where they dedicated a year of service to the Lord, ministering to the First Nations people in a boat-access-only community. In February 2023, as the doors closed for their ministry in that particular location, they found their hearts convicted and doors opening elsewhere. Their conviction led them to a place of absolute surrender, willing to go anywhere and do anything for the sake of the gospel.

In this spirit of unwavering faith and obedience, they echo the words of the prophet Isaiah, proclaiming, "Here I am, Lord, send me." Their journey continues as they remotely minister to the First Nations people and take courageous steps of faith toward their imminent relocation to an overseas country. Their story embodies a profound dedication to reaching the unreached, driven by obedience and an unyielding faith in the divine call upon their lives.

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   Country Prayer Requests

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Population: 38,516,736
Location: North America
Language:English (official) 87.1%, French (official) 29.1%, Chinese languages 4.2%, Spanish 3.2%, Punjabi 2.6%, Arabic 2.4%, Tagalog 2.3%, Italian 1.5%
Capital: Ottawa
Religion: Christian 53.3%, Muslim 4.9%, Hindu 2.3%, Sikh 2.1%, Buddhist 1%, Jewish 0.9%, Traditional (North American Indigenous) 0.2%, other religions and traditional spirituality 0.6%, none 34.6%
Did you Know?: Talking about politics can be more sensitive in Canada than in America. Canadians treat politics as a mostly private affair, and asking about party affiliation can be seen as presumptuous.

🙏 Prayer Request:

Prayer for our relationships with Christ to grow deeper

🙏 Prayer Request:

Prayer for direction from the Lord on next steps

🙏 Prayer Request:

Prayer for obedience to walk by faith

🙏 Prayer Request:

Prayer for the First Nations we are doing ministry with, that their relationships with Christ will grow

🙏 Prayer Request:

Prayer for confirmation on the specific place and direction the Lord is leading

   Personal Prayer Requests

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