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Paola Molina

Church support and evangelism

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Her Story

Since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, a fervent passion for medical evangelical missions has ignited within me. Three years ago, I received an invitation that would change the course of my life – to Tierrabomba Island in Cartagena, Colombia. We sought God's will through prayer and six months later, I was able to visit the island. I was immediately captivated by its people. Through Romans 10:8-15, I found affirmation that this was indeed where God intended me to be.
Since June 2023, I have embarked on a thrilling journey of faith, residing in Tierrabomba. This adventure has given me the invaluable opportunity to immerse myself in the community, forging deep connections with the locals. I have devoted my time to serving and supporting the ministries of Calvary El Refugio Church in Tierrabomba and Calvary Cartagena. On the island we visit homes, pray for the sick, and share the transformative message of the Gospel. We work to inspire and mentor women, nurturing them to become steadfast disciples of Christ.
In children's ministry, I play an integral role in teaching support, lesson preperation, and fostering a love for Jesus through crafts. Additionally, I extend my care to the dental health of the children attending the Church School in Tierrabomba. My duties also encompass hospitality management and logistical support, ensuring that every aspect of our mission runs smoothly and efficiently.

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   Country Prayer Requests

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Population: 49,084,841
Location: South America
Language: Spanish
Capital: Bogotá
Religion: Roman Catholic 79%, Protestant 14% (includes Pentecostal 6%, mainline Protestant 2%, other 6%), other 2%, unspecified 5%
Did you Know?: Roses are well-received gifts in Colombia, but marigolds and lilies are disliked because of their association with funerals.

🙏 Prayer Request:

That we will be intentional in persevering in prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

🙏 Prayer Request:

That the Lord will raise up more God-fearing local men in Tierrabomba.

🙏 Prayer Request:

Pray for the children, adolescents and young people who congregate in our Church, so that they know and believe in the only true God and Jesus Christ His Son.

🙏 Prayer Request:

For open doors to continue sharing the hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

🙏 Prayer Request:

That I daily surrender my will to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. By filling of the Holy Spirit. By faith and obedience. For knowledge, perseverance and discernment to continue sharing the Gospel.

   Personal Prayer Requests

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