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Mobilizing people to make a global impact for Jesus.

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The Uproot Collective

We are a missionary service agency working with the Local Church to serve the Global Church. 

We partner with churches to help them fulfill their role in the Great Commission by working with them to send well-prepared and well-cared-for disciples who make disciples.  

Nine years of experience on the mission field and five years of experience serving in a large sending church has brought our leadership a good perspective of what we need to effectively serve our missionaries.

While moving to the mission field is a difficult process, we find that remaining on the field and returning from missionary service (reentry) are far more difficult.  Proper training before departure, missionary care while on the field, preparation for reentry, and debriefing and follow-up care after reentry play vital roles in helping the missionary to remain on the mission field for the duration of the Lord’s calling and then return well and reintegrate without experiencing burnout, which often leads to both spiritual and physical trauma.   



We want to partner with you to help you raise up and send missionaries.


We want to partner with you to help you get to the place in which God has called. 

Do you want to learn about our sending process?

We work with:

Short-term and long-term missionaries

U.S.-based and Internationally-based missionaries

U.S. Citizen and National missionaries

Your denomination (or non-denomination) does not matter.  

All that matters is that you are in fellowship with a church that supports the calling on your life and wants to partner with us to support and send you.  

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